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Neau Tropics Chocolates : Uncover An Exquisite Bliss.

Discover an amazing chocolate bars which was created by the best chalatiers there is, this explains that extreme care and patience was taken in the making of Neau tropics choclates there for archives a high quality taste and with the perfect dose and content of psilocybin. Neau tropics muhsroom bars are very popular among 6g shroom bars.

How are Neau Tropics Chocolates Packaged?

To achieve a highly relatable appearance and design for our shroom bars, we opted for a diverse range of packaging. It is almost liek you could find the perfect Neau tropics bar in your favorite color. We offer highly popular packages, including the Gold and Pride designs and these looks create a sense of familiarity with our consumers. In as mush as the primary emphasis remains on taste and functionality. However, we take pride in infusing our Neau Tropics Chocolates designs with a touch of care.


How does Neau tropics mushroom bar taste?

Neautropics chocolate bar has a very unique. However, it boasts a diverse array of flavors. Most importantly, its exceptional taste stands out. We tried to costumize our bars to match almost every general and a few specific preferences. Our chocolatiers carefully match some of the best existing confectioneries to create a sense of familiarity and eliminate possible allergic reactions to ingredients often overlooked by other chocolate bars. Similarly, Alice mushroom chocolates bar has a very refreshing look.

What are the different flavors under Neau tropics chocolate bar?

The 6g Neau tropics Mushroom Bars has several flavors. We have listed some of the main ones down below. Keep in mind that we are naming them to be very familiar and easy to figure out.

The 6 main flavors are

  • Popping With Pride
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Seafarin Pretzel
  • Matcha
  • Ube Crunch

Effect of Neau Tropics Chocolates

As being a functional chocolate bar, Neau tropics chocolates are very safe. Infact they help widely in day-to-day activities and serves a perfect role for which it is meant. We have put together some of the benefits of consuming Neau Tropics Bars.

In short, lets discuss some of the short-term effects of these function shroom bars which have some very rare reactions such as mild nausea in some very rare cases. With Neau Tropics Mushroom bars we used specific ingredients that will help mitigate those mild effects.

Benefits of Neau Tropics Mushroom Chocolate Bar

Commencing with, the extraordinary health advantages of functional mushrooms enjoy widespread recognition. Infused with chocolate, the outcome is an exquisite and satisfying delight that delivers manifold functional perks to every consumer. A stellar illustration of functional mushroom chocolates is exemplified in our Neau Tropics Mushroom bar.

The Neau Tropics Mushroom Chocolates extend various functional benefits:

  • Reinforces Immune Systems
  • Elevates Blood Function
  • Enhances Mood
  • Exhibits Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant Properties
  • Facilitates Digestion


Buy Neau tropics Chocolates at the best prices in the United States and on any online resaller. 

First and foremost ,at our mushroom  chocolate store we make it our number 1 priority to provide our customers with the best mushroom chocolates  in the United States. We provide you with only the best Neau Tropics bars at the best prices . We use top quality ingredients in our state of art mushroom chocolate bars . Neau Tropics chocolates starts selling  off at a very affordable price of $30 for each mushroom bar . Also we offer discounts for bulk purchases on the Luxurious  Neau tropics mushroom chocolates . Buy the best mushroom chocolates today from us and get the fastest delivery to your home address at literally no cost . Place you order for the ever glowing and delicious Neau Tropics chocolate bars today and have a taste of that amazing feeling you’ve been missing out on .


Where to buy Neautropics Chocolate Bars

Due to the growth in popularity of psychedelic mushroom bars. The demand for Neau tropics shroom bars has also skyrocketed. Statistics in 2022 show that the Neau tropic bars made up 4% of the shroom bar market share. In just our first year we are already competing with industry giants such as the polka dot bars and fusion bars. Just the mere fact that we are in competition with such big brands in just over a year after our release speaks much of the quality of our bars.

This high demand for  neautropics chocolate bars has led to influx of many fakes in the market that claim to sell authentic bars. Most of these plugs are selling fake bars which will not give you the true neautropic bar experience. We recommend that you make your purchase from a licensed dispensary or you can buy neautropics bars online on our website.


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