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Galaxy Labs Chocolate : Stellar Taste and flavours

Get Your self the Magical Galaxy Labs Chocolate bars end feel the magic in every essence . Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our brand-new, high-quality psilocybin chocolate bars . Galaxy Labs mushroom chocolates are expertly crafted to provide a potent and convenient psychedelic experience.

Galaxy Labs Chocolate Bars Flavours

We try to make our mushroom chocolate to be as familiar and warm as possible. Also, we have created an exqusite 8 squares of  mouthwatering creamy chocolate bars  infused with 500mg of psilocybin . In addition, we offer three delicious taste options to choose from:

  • Cookies n Cream ;
  • Reach peach;
  • Peach Ringz.

What are Galaxy Labs Mushroom Chocolate ?

Say farewell to any discomfort or nausea that might hinder your enjoyment of the magic of mushrooms on an empty stomach with our amazing mushroom chocolate bars. Additionally, prepare to delve into a captivating journey brimming with a myriad of sensations and intensities, all customized to your desired dosage. Our Galaxy Labs Mushroom Chocolates, meticulously fashioned with 100% natural ingredients, deftly conceal the earthy bitterness of dried magic mushrooms. Don’t hesitate to order Galaxy Labs chocolates today for an incredible experience.

Galaxy Labs Chocolate Bar Dosage

We highly recommend starting with low doses and avoiding alcohol or medications (especially anti-depressants) while consuming these psychedelic choicolates to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. We recomend 2 sqaures for beginers , 4 squares for mderate users and finally 6 sqaures for experienced users . Join us in this incredible adventure, and let our psilocybin gummies provide you with a safe, delightful, and personalized journey like no other! The effects from theses magic mushroom chocolate bars are very similar to that gotten from the amazing Wonka bar, mycobar, neau tropics, mycrochips, awaken superfood chocolate, boom bars and  Mantra chocolate bars and also gummies such as Tryp mushroom gummies

What Makes Galaxy Chocolate Bars Different From Other Psilocybin Chocolates Bars?

Transitioning to a more active voice and enhancing coherence, here’s the spun text:

If you seek a chocolate experience that elevates the senses to unprecedented heights, the Galaxy Labs bar demands your attention. This isn’t just any sweet treat—it’s an all-natural indulgence with an exclusive blend of mushroom extracts to heighten sensations while fulfilling your cravings for creamy, delicious delights.

What distinguishes these Galaxy Labs Chocolate magic mushroom chocolates from others is their intricate formulation. They incorporate nootropics and adaptogens into their proprietary blend, providing users with multifaceted effects. Additionally, it’s important to highlight that users not only praise their exquisite taste akin to premium gourmet chocolate but also commend their ability to stimulate creativity and uplift mood without the adverse effects typically associated with stronger substances.

Lastly, when embarking on this cosmic culinary journey, always remember: start with moderation and stay informed about the legality in your area before indulging in this exceptional confectionery marvel.

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Cookies & Cream, Reach Peach, Peach Ringz


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