Mushroom Chocolates : Discover an innovative resource


Mushroom chocolate bars bring to you the possible of experiencing a new type of trip gotten from consumming mushrooms. Also, they don’t only provide a trippy experience but also have various functional properties to help you be more efficient in your daily life. Furthermore, with the health benefits of shroom chocolates you are certain of attaining a level of maximum productivity and also other related functions whilst facing zero permanent risk on your health.


“Mushroom chocolates originated from a fusion of culinary curiosity and holistic health trends,” explained Carla, a renowned chocolatier. “A few years ago, people began exploring ways to incorporate medicinal mushrooms like reishi and chaga into their diets, mainly for their supposed health benefits,” she continued. Consequently, innovative chocolatiers started blending these shrooms with chocolate, creating a delicious and health-conscious treat. Additionally, as the demand for functional foods increased, shroom bars quickly gained popularity, bridging the gap between wellness and indulgence.

Benefits of Mushroom Chocolates

These are some quoted and well referenced benefits of mushroom chocolates

“Mushroom chocolates offer a range of benefits by combining the delicious taste of chocolate with the health advantages of medicinal mushrooms,” explained Dr. Smith, a nutrition expert.

– “Firstly, these chocolates can boost your immune system, thanks to mushrooms like Reishi and Turkey Tail,” she noted.

– “Moreover, Lion’s Mane is known for enhancing cognitive function, so consuming mushroom chocolates can improve mental clarity and focus,” she added.

– “For stress management, the adaptogenic properties of Reishi in these chocolates can help promote relaxation and reduce anxiety,” Dr. Smith continued.

“Additionally, incorporating mushrooms into chocolate makes it easier for people to enjoy the health benefits without having to deal with the sometimes unpleasant taste of raw mushrooms. This way, you get a delicious treat that supports your overall well-being. Consequently, mushroom chocolates are becoming a popular choice for health-conscious individuals looking for a functional food option,” she concluded.

A Few Popular Brand We Offer

1 — PolkaDot


  • Time in Market. PolkaDot is the OG mushroom chocolate bar. I have no idea how long PolkaDot has been in-market, but it’s clearly a product of years of work, distribution, and refinement. If you’re into mushroom chocolate bars, chances are you’ve had a PolkaDot bar and enjoyed it. No bar is fully ubiquitous in the market, but PolkaDot is the closest thing to it.
  • Brand. PolkaDot’s brand is mushrooms+chocolate+ubiquity. It’s mass-market and the standard-bearer.
  • Quality. With PolkaDot, you’re getting a commoditized but high-quality product (but that comes with a major caveat, which we’ll revisit below). The chocolate is delicious and well-tempered, and the chocolate bar itself is about the size of a standard Hershey’s bar.
  • Mushroom Content. Depending upon the chocolate bar you purchase, the mushroom content per bar can vary from 4–10 grams. Potency by bar is generally consistent as advertised.


  • It’s never wrong to give PolkaDot a whirl, but be 100% sure that you’re getting a REAL PolkaDot bar, not a knock-off, camouflaged in a fake, PolkaDot branded box.
  • Secondly, don’t overlook the other great brands and products in the market that are making waves, too!


2 — NeauTropics

  • Time in Market. I discovered NeauTropics in 2023, and the brand has achieved success by offering highly artisanal chocolate bar flavor variations.
  • Brand. When you see and pick up a NeauTropics bar, you know you’re holding something special and substantial in your hand.
  • Quality. I’ve tried their Hawaiian taro cookie and milk chocolate crunch bars. Both bars tasted great, but neither were as well tempered as the PolkaDot bars I tried. (Achieving peak chocolate tempering is difficult outside of a more controlled, mechanical, commercial production environment. If you’re producing bars by hand, even the best chefs will have some inconsistency in their product tempering.)
  • Mushroom Content. NeauTropics bars clock in at 6 grams of mushrooms, which is higher than the industry standard of 4–5 grams per bar. However, neither bar seemed to pack a 6 gram potency punch, which left me wanting more!


  • NeauTropics is a great brand with a delicious product, and their products are clearly made with love.